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Southeast Alaska Rifles is southern southeasts newest Gunsmithing and special orders business. 
       Our Certified Gunsmith is ready to help you with any of your firearms needs. With access to one of the countries largest collections of gun parts  that are no longer in production to  our inhouse fabrication we have what you need to get your firearms back in shape. Whether it be anything from family heirlooms to modern sporting rifles we are here to help you with whatever your firearms needs may be.

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Special gun orders
Bulk ammo ordering
We sell guns on consignment

Service charges
Per Man hr. $55.00
Man & Machine hr. $70.00
Minimum Charge Per gun $25.00
Clean, Oil & Inspection Gun $40.00

Metal Finishes
Cold Blue(Oxpho-Blue) $150.00-250.00
Cerakote $175.00-300.00 
(Browning BLR, $75 for timing action)
Duracoat $125.00

Sight Work
Sight In $50.00 Plus Ammunition
Bore Sighting $25.00
Drill And Tap Receiver For Sights $35.00 Per hole

Dovetail Sight Install $35.00 (Desert Eagle $50.00) Scope Mount (Lapped Rings, Alignment & Bore sighting $50.00

Action Work
Check Headspace $45.00
Install Pre Threaded Pre Fit Barrel $125.00
Fit Barrel To Action $200.00-300.00
Jammed Live Round Removal $75.00
Jammed Case Removal $50.00 + Removing Fouling From Bore (hourly + materials)
Removing Barrel Obstruction (hourly +materials) Lap Barrel $105.00
Lap Bolt Lugs $50.00
Rifle Blueprinting $175.00
Cut And Crown Barrel (up to .725 dia.) $75.00
Make And Install Springs (hourly + materials)

Trigger work
Trigger Install $50.00
Trigger Job Single Set $60.00
Trigger Job Double Set $100.00

Hand Gun Work
Chamfer Revolver Barrel $45.00
Chamfer Revolver Cylinder $50.00
Timing A Revolver $110.00
1911 Slide Tightening $90.00
Semi-Auto Action Job $100.00
Fitting Barrel On 1911 (Barrel Not Included) $100.00 Throat Polish Semi-Auto $40.00
Cut Slide, Drill & Tap For Red Dot $145.00
Dehorn & Break Edges For Carry $65.00 (Does not include refinishing)

Stock Work
Refinish Stock $125.00
Fix Cracked Stock $50.00-100.00
Fitting Aftermarket Stock $45.00
Rifle Bedding $175.00
Free Floating Barrel $45.00
Fit Buttpad $30.00

AR-15 Work
Maintenance Cleaning $65.00
Maintenance Re-Build $120.00
Install Aftermarket Trigger $40.00
Install Aftermarket For Grip/Free Float $35.00 Assemble Complete Upper $45.00
Assemble Complete Lower $45.00
Assemble Complete Rifle $100.00
Install and Index Flash Hider, Brake  $30.00 
Gas System Adjustments $60.00
Install New Barrel $55.00
Fit Gas Block $35.00

Firearms Transfer/NICS Check $40.00 for any response
Custom Order Firearms Require 50% NON REFUNDABLE deposit
All Prices Are Before Tax And Do Not Include Parts And Materials Unless Otherwise Stated.

The cleaning process we use incorporates tradition cleaning techniques along with the more modern process of sonic cleaning.

As you see in the photo these are not field strip cleanings that you would receive from most but a full breakdown of the firearms. Included in our cleaning are an inspection of parts for wear and to avoid any safety issues they may cause in the future. A field strip cleaning can over look  these potentially dangerous situations. 

Full Takedown sonic cleanings


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